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Psychodrama is an expressive arts therapy that uses guided dramatic action to create meaningful change. It helps people let go of old roles and try on new and more fulfilling ways of being with themselves and others. Because psychodrama is an experiential method, it allows patients to go deeper than traditional talk therapy. For example, when patients use action methods and role-playing instead of just talking about their problems, they gain an enhanced understanding of the problem and can better see possible solutions. Psychodrama is often conducted as group therapy, but can also be helpful when used in individual therapy.

Psychodrama can help individuals:

  • Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Develop new insights that can lead to significant behavior change
  • Understand how the past affects the present
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships by:
  • Learning to identify and express feelings in a healthy way
  • Strengthening communication skills and taking another person’s perspective
  • Trying on new roles and ways of being with yourself and others
  • Developing and practicing new skills (e.g., assertiveness, confidence)

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